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287. "Not all 2 bathrobe situations are equal" - Jim Bankert

Chuck and Roxy are back with their New Year episode. They open by talking about their Christmas celebrations and also Chucks travel day to Milwaukee. Next it's time to "Meet the Littles" as our hosts welcome Jim Bankert to the show! ( 20:00) Then our hosts close out the show with announcing our Loyal Littles Podcast Fantasy Football League winner! They also then open the mailbag and Roxy FINALLY tries eggnog! (50:00)

GUEST: Jim Bankert

SONG: "Glidin' By" by Mark Thacker Email: Facebook: Mark Thacker Music YouTube Channel: Search “Mark Thacker Music” 

JINGLE: Everyday (2019) A parody of a song by Buddy Holly. Recorded by John Fitzpatrick in Arlington, VA Recorded: 01/03/2019  Released: 01/03/2019  First aired: 01/15/2019

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