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326. "Does anyone actually say toe-mah-toe anymore?" - Matt Bodnar

Chuck and Roxy are back with 3rd Wheel Ritz and open the show with Ritz sharing his experience meeting the great Willie Mays. They also squeeze in a quick "softball segment" as there is only one week left of the regular Broadway Show League softball season!

Next it's time to "Meet the Littles" as our hosts welcome from South Bend, IN Matt Bodnar to the podcast. (19:00) TWITTER: @sooperbod

Then our hosts close out the phone with 5 Mediocre minutes as they welcome back Patrick Smith AKA Smitty Scoop back to the show. (47:00) We hear all about his Summer of Littles experiences these past few years and maybe where he will be going this year!

GUEST: Matt Bodnar

SONG: "Look At Yourself" by Bertrands Wish

JINGLE: Stars (Wilbon's Story) A parody of a song by Les Miserables. Recorded by Jason Fuse (Episode 20)Recorded: 02/27/2075  Released: 02/27/2015  First aired: unaired

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