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327. "Random facts by Justine" - Justine Hedgepeth

Chuck and Roxy are back and in the UK and open the show with talking about getting to London and their epic visit to Stonehenge! Next it's time to "Meet the Littles" as our hosts welcome Justine Hedgepeth to the podcast! (18:00) We get to hear all about how her husband got her into Tony Kornheiser and now how the passion runs strong. TWITTER: @jkhedgepeth Then our hosts close out the show with a quick review of the new documentary BRATS and your emails and notes. (47:00)

GUEST: Justine Hedgepeth

SONG: "What Makes You Love Someone" by Lannie Bolde WEBSITE: EMAIL: JINGLE: Tony in the Crowd at Kilroys (Lucy in the Sky) A parody of a song by The Beatles.Recorded by Jerry in Annandale, VARecorded: 05/13/2015  Released: 06/26/2015  First aired: unaired Podcast Website -  Podcast Email - WTFCPODNET@GMAIL.COM Twitter:@loyallittlespod Instagram: @theloyallittlespodcast PODCAST LOGO DESIGN by Eric Londergan Search: ericlondergan or copy and paste this link!

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