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Little Chuck, Roxy, and Tiny Chuck open the show by shouting out and welcoming back a certain little podcast back to the airwaves! Meanwhile Little Chuck explains how the Littles have finally broke him! Then it’s time to “Meet the Littles” ROB KOLPIEN (13:30). Next our hosts close out the show with our Friday 5! (49:00)

Guest: Rob Kolpein

SONG: "Can I Run With You" by Bonfire Falls


It’s a full house on today’s The Loyal Littles Podcast episode as Chuck and Roxy welcome back Simon and Tiny Chuck to the show to briefly discuss the NFLoff weekend and a new “interesting” show on Netflix. Then it’s time to “Meet the Littles”. JEFF STEVENS @tkardinal (11:30) Next our hosts close out the show with a few special news items. (48:00)

Guest: Jeff Stevens

SONG: "The Storm Is Coming" by Dr. Frederic Grant

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Chuck and Roxy are joined again by their good friend Simon Pearl and open the show with some recaps and shout outs! Then it’s time to “Meet the Littles” BILL LEHECKA Twitter: @billlehecka (12:30). Next our hosts close the show with a quick TV recap and our beloved Friday 5. (51:00)

Guest: Bill Lehecka

SONG: "Lucys Room" by Daniel Lee FACEBOOK:

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